NEX Packaging has a history of helping companies with contract packaging

NEX Transport Inc. was established as a joint venture between a worldwide logistics and freight forwarding company, Nippon Express and a packaging specialist company, Nittsu Shoji. NEX Transport Inc. was created with both specialties in mind, providing the best of both worlds.

In 1989, eighty-two acres were purchased and a 100,000 square foot building was built to begin this venture. Initially, NEX Transport Inc. provided warehousing services to automotive customers. Later that year, NEX was contracted to provide after market packaging services to an automotive lighting company. This contract grew very rapidly, providing NEX a good name in the packaging business. Soon, other suppliers favored NEX with their packaging business.

In 1990, NEX contracted a bulk parts project. This project was to contain 1,000 different parts from both foreign and domestic suppliers. These parts were stored and then packed per automotive manufacture’s production schedule. A second bulk operation was established in 1997 to serve similar needs.

In 1991, NEX was operating at full capacity. In efforts to expand our current operations and add new operations, another 100,000 sq. feet was added to the existing building.

In 1993, NEX contracted another type of business. NEX modified dock doors and installed conveyors on behalf of an automotive seat manufacturer. This allowed NEX to palletize, store, and forward the seats on a Just-In-Time delivery schedule to meet mass production requirements.

In 1996, an Export packaging service was added to our specialties. Packaged items are loaded on to ocean containers for shipment. Foreign destinations include Brazil, Canada, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Philippines, Taiwan, and Thailand.

Operating at full capacity once again, NEX built a 200,000 sq. foot building next to the initial building. This building is equipped with a 20-ton gantry crane, just another tool in which NEX could use to serve its growing list of customers.

In 1999, NEX wanted to show their commitment to continuous improvement and became certified. This continued effort allows NEX to grow with confidence in their operations and teams.

Over the years NEX has grown significantly. The business was started with only seven employees and now obtains over 200 employees. Our pride and focus on quality and excellence have proven to provide us with the capabilities to better serve our customer’s.

As NEX continues to grow, focus will be given toward continuous improvement and excellence. We will continue to look for avenues of expansion, or ways to better serve our customers.

Today NEX is ISO 9001:2000 Certified. We process over 40,000 parts per day and over 50 trailers. We look forward to expanding into your area soon!


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